Anyone over 21 years of age. You don’t have to be a Washington resident to purchase marijuana. Just make sure to bring a valid form of ID like a driver’s license, passport, or government-issued Tribal ID card.

No. Marijuana and marijuana products are to be used or consumed in Washington State only.

Sorry, no. You may not open, use, or consume any marijuana product on Mister Bud’s premises. Consumption of marijuana products is not allowed in public.

Because possession of marijuana is still illegal federally, it is considered illegal to possess or use marijuana in the national parks. Navigable waters where the Washington State ferry system operates are also under the regulation of federal law.

Washington State law protects private marijuana use. You can use it openly as long as the property owner allows it. So, if the establishment doesn’t restrict it, it is legal to use marijuana in a private hotel room as long as either smoking is allowed, or it is being vaporized or consumed. Marijuana cannot be used in public view, such as on streets and sidewalks, or in public parks. In addition, the state’s Smoking In Public Places Law (RCW 70.160) prohibits smoking of any kind in public areas and in places of employment.

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